Sink Like A Clutch

You’re crying way too much
‘Cos you can’t find the words to say
You’re dying for his touch
And your chances fade away
You don’t see me sink like a clutch
But I do see that your life is such
A cloud that’s grey
Getting darker everyday

If I could chill with you, I’d be flirty
Instead of thinking & talking dirty
And you would be with me way too early
And I’d tell him that I’ve got his girly
A fight would break out causing Hell
To make your poor heart break as well
Still, you’re my favourite girl
In my head but not my world

When you slumped into my bed (10:30)
The light jumped into my head too early
I saw you, baby, when you were sleeping
A wingless angel, why was I weeping?
With eyes wide shut, I know what you’re dreaming
Of my nightmare, him, silently I’m screaming
The words you never hear
I love you very much, my dear

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